Tiramisu Cupcakes

With just a little bit of bribery I was able to get Gregory and Dino to make the trip to Chicago for a visit. I gave them their super fun Threadless T-shirts upon their arrival and then we started our day. Before we even set out to explore the neighborhood we decided to make Tiramisu Cupcakes. Most of the cupcakes in Martha's book are fairly easy, but this was a tricky one that I knew I would want some help with.

Perhaps it was the overly softened butter or mascarpone cheese, but in the end these just didn't seem worth the trouble. They certainly weren't bad, but Tiramisu is one of those desserts that unless it's fantastic I don't bother with it.

We still had a great time and ended the evening with a delicious dinner at Greek Islands Restaurant in Greek town. I have been in Chicago for 5 years and had never been to Greek town, so what better first experience than with Dino?! I'm still thinking about the dolmates, I could eat them everyday!

Dino Helping :)

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