I <3 Austin!

I was fortunate to be in Austin for work last week and able to extend my trip to have a couple days to explore the city and all the deliciousness it has to offer. Thanks to Bridget and Bethaney I had a plan in place for all the yummy places to hit up. So through 90 degree weather and extreme humidity I trekked through the city and think I earned most of the food I consumed. Here's a sampling of my favorite treats.
I started out the morning with Flip Happy Crepes. How can crepes from a trailer not be fabulous?! I had the cinnamon sugar crepe that has inspired me to create some sort of snicker doodle sandwich cookie with a cream cheese frosting filling, so stay tuned.

After a delightful afternoon spent at Barton Springs doing my best to avoid a sun burn I made my way to Shady Grove. I like to call this meal of Frito Pie and a swirl margarita 'perfection'. I have to subtract a point or two from this establishment just because they forced me to ask for my 'table for one' twice. I thoroughly enjoyed this mini-vacay by myself, but I wasn't looking to shout it from the roof tops that I was on my own. Aside from that, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was great.

After lunch I started my journey to the flagship Whole Foods store. Which is huge and beautiful, I definitely suggest checking it out if you're ever in the area, and it just so happens to be right across the street from Amy's Ice Cream. I figured I took a few extra steps throughout the afternoon (I got a little turned around on my way to whole food's, which may or may not have had something to do with the Shady Grove Margarita's), so I decided to indulge. I got a combo of belgian chocolate and coffee ice cream. It was probably the creamiest ice cream I have ever had. It's definitely up there, along with Babcock Ice Cream and Trader Joe's Coffee Blast ice cream, as one of my favorites.

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