Strawberry Dream Cream Cupcakes!

I spent a lovely Memorial Day weekend in Milwaukee with family and friends and did a great deal of cooking/baking. I didn't make any sort of record of the cooking, but when I arrived at Becky's house we discovered that the refrigerator had not been functioning for an unspecified amount of time. Most everything was salvaged, but I spent the evening concocting a spaghetti sauce and some taco meat in order to use up some thawed beef. I also got a lesson in making baby food saturday morning. Although it's not difficult, it's definitely an extra step for a busy mom, so I have to give a shout out to Becky for keeping up on it.

I was looking forward to what Gregory (my brother/ 'suicide prevention bakeologist') had in store for us to make all week. His next Martha recipe in line was Strawberry Cream Cupcakes. The recipe is not simple, but totally worth the time and effort. They are unbelievable! and that's coming from a girl that is extremely partial to chocolate. So, 6 sticks of butter and a lot of delicate work with egg whites later, we had the best cupcakes I have had to date. The white cupcakes were light and airy and the strawberry buttercream frosting was perfectly sweet and creamy. We were going to a party that evening in honor of a friend that recently passed the official licensure exams for psychology so we turned the cupcakes into a cake with a congratulatory message for Kim. These were a huge success, and although they are not something you can quickly whip up I will definitely make them again for an occasion. I think we could both use some practice on decorating and we better hop to it...Gregory is only a few recipes away from the Martha Wedding Cake in his journey through her baking book.

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