Sweet & Salty Cookie Bars

I have begun a fantastic ritual of taking some time every Sunday evening to peruse my favorite blogs and organize the recipes I find that I would like to make and also stock pile design ideas that one day I may be able to afford to bring to fruition. Organizing is right up there with baking as a favorite activity of mine, so you can imagine the perma-smile on my face for a couple of hours every Sunday. I was able to make these chocolate chip cookie pretzel bars fairly quickly after reading the post. About once a month some girls and I get together for a girls dinner at each other's places. Maria hosted last month and I offered to bring a dessert. I needed something quick, since work has been extremely busy lately. I had all the ingredients for these laying around and I figured the sweet & salty combo would be a hit. Like everything else I have tried to date from Two Peas and Their Pod, these were delicious. I personally was hoping the pretzels would retain a little more crunch (they weren't soggy, but had absorbed some moisture), but overall they were a wonderful treat. I think the next time I make these I may even add in some caramel for another punch of flavor, YUM!

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