Candy! and lots of it

Shortly after Halloween I started compiling a list of all the holiday candy that I wanted to make this year. It's a long list and at first I thought I was being a bit over zealous, but it turns out not only was I able to do it (well, almost, I still have a few more to make this weekend for my family's christmas) but I had enough gatherings to attend to get rid of most of it and not have an abundance sitting around the house.

I also have to note that the candy making itself is not hard, just tedious, BUT it's been impressive that I have stuck with it in lieu of baking since I am the proud owner of a beautiful new kitchen aid mixer that I have only used once since all of my candy making just has me utilizing the heck out of my double boiler and candy thermometer.

Here is the list of candy that I suggest you all try, SO delicious, and I think I will be on a sugar high until Valentine's Day.....

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