Bethaney's Butterscotch Thins

Bridget and Bethaney are headed up to camp for the summer (as camp nurses, not campers) so I decided to give them a delicious send off. To start I made a caprese salad and cheated with a pre-made caesar salad. I did get a little fancy and made a chicken pesto pizza for the main course. Since no send off dinner is complete without dessert, I made Bethaney's favorite cookies from Baking Bites- butterscotch thins. The first time I made these it was almost a complete loss. Although the dough was delicious, they stuck to the wax paper I used and there seemed to be such a short window where they were the perfect consistency for transport to wire racks before sticking to the paper. I had to try this again since I have never seen Bethaney as upset as when she found out I threw out the cookie casualties that I couldn't get off the paper. I didn't change much this time around aside from using parchment paper instead of wax paper and that helped tremendously. Who knew they were so different? obviously not me. Lesson learned. As you can see from the photo, I still ended up with a lot of misshapen, not so pretty cookies, I can't help but wonder what the secret is to getting these to look as good as they taste. I tried baking them longer, letting them sit longer before transporting, using larger scoops of dough thinking if they were thicker maybe they wouldn't be so delicate, but none of those seem to be the trick. I think the next time I try to make them I might add a bit more flour. I don't think I'm selling these cookies all that well, but Bethaney has claimed that these cookies are her favorite dessert she has ever had and I have to agree that there is something so unexpectedly delicious about them. So, give 'em a try, and PLEASE let me know if you have any luck with creating pretty butterscotch thins.

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