Birthday Baker's Edge!

I came home today to a fabulous birthday surprise from Bridget and Bethaney, The Baker's Edge! If you love brownies, and love the edge pieces, this is the pan for you. It has raised pieces to make a maze like pattern to create pieces that all have at least 2 edges. There was a very memorable moment in our household this past year when we did not allow a guest to have a corner piece of our brownies after they had a few adult beverages because we didn't think they could appreciate it at the time. Now we can be gracious hostesses and not ration our edge pieces.....however, i may still be stingy with the two coveted 3 edge pieces this ingenious pan allows for. I'm also a real sucker for the random crap included with these novelty items so you can imagine my excitement when the box included a mini spatula and a few recipes. I can not thank my lovely roommates enough for the perfect b-day gift! I will be putting this baby to work in no time. Oh, and this also may be the first installment of noting random kitchen stuff that I should probably not own in my 20's considering I'm not married.....basically meaning that I have used up precious holidays getting these things for gifts or using my own money because there has not been an occasion to register for any of it. Nonetheless, I love it all!

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