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This will most likely be the first of many posts about cupcakes now that I am the proud owner of the Martha Stewart Cupcake Book.

I was so happy that the carrot cupcakes were so early on in the book because they were perfect to bring in for my boss' b-day! Once I got past the first step of finely grating 1lb of carrots these cupcakes came together pretty quickly. The cream cheese frosting was simple as well. However, it made about double the amount that I needed, and you better believe that I go pretty heavy on the frosting. Next time I will halve the recipe. I certainly enjoyed a few heaping spoonfuls over the course of a few days, but I can't be trusted around mass quantities of frosting. The above link has lesser quantities of the ingredients for the frosting so it may be okay. I decided to substitute the golden raisins for toasted pecans, which I think added a great flavor and texture. I also got fancy with the frosting and used a pastry bag to pipe it on, it's all about the details!

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