Very Berry Healthy Muffins

Story of my life....my eyes were bigger than my stomach when I was at the grocery store. I also can't pass up a good value. I found myself with 2 containers of blueberries, 2 pints of strawberries, and a bag of cherries with 2 days before leaving for Door County for the weekend. I decided to peruse the net for a good muffin recipe that I could freeze for a later date. I came across this Berry Almond Quick Bread recipe that worked beautifully. I had all the ingredients on hand (as long as I took advantage of the 'tips' within the recipe) and made it even healthier by substituting apple sauce for the canola oil. I only used cherries and blueberries because I had more than enough, but maybe next time I'll add some strawberries. These muffins also gave me the chance to try out my new crate and barrel muffin pans before my cupcake extravaganza the next day (I'll post about that shortly). I will definitely make these again as I have been enjoying them for breakfast (and snacks) all week. I still have half of them in the freezer, but will surely take them out for my guests that are coming to town this weekend. Oh, and I'll definitely be investing in a cherry pitter before the next time I make these. Disregard this last statement if you're not a family member or someone who knows my Uncle Jack, but my hands looked like I finished skinning a deer (imagine his sign language here) by the time I was done.

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