Meet me in St. Louis

Over the 4th of July I took a trip to St. Louis to reconnect with my old friend Megabus and also to see my good friend Molly. We started out the weekend with a free Counting Crows concert under the Arch which did not disappoint. Between Adam Duritz being completely ridiculous, the sign language interpreters having great hip movements, and the middle aged ladies in front of us not having great hip movements but dancing anyway, it was a night to remember. and let's not forget the brief fireworks display ending to 'Closing Time'. The song left us in a bit of a funk, but it was nothing a little Imo's St. Louis style pizza couldn't fix. St. Louis pizza is a very thin crust with provel cheese, which can only be found in St. Louis. I don't discriminate against any pizza and am a firm believer that New York, Chicago, and now St. Louis pizza are so distinct that you really can't compare them to each other. As Stephen Stills sings, 'Love the One You're With' and I sure did!

The morning of the 4th was a little rainy, but that didn't keep us from venturing out to some parties. In order to prepare for the long day we needed some sustenance. Molly suggested we start the day at Pappy's and it was the best plan I have been a part of since my b-day brewery tours. We really got the Rock star treatment right from the start. While standing in line we sampled some ribs and got the inside scoop on the best sides to order (deep fried corn on the cob & sweet potato fries) between the two of us we complied. I ended up ordering the pulled pork, sweet potato fries, and applesauce. Molly went for the pulled pork, fried corn on the cob, and green beans. It was all delectable! We both preferred to smother our meat in Sweet Baby Jane sauce, but I tested the Pappy's original and Holly's Hot Sauce which were delish as well. We ended the night at The Gramphone to visit Molly's brother. This is a great bar with live music and a great beer selection, truly appreciated by this Wisconsin girl. I had a Fat Tire in honor of my Dad, it's his fav.

I simply couldn't leave St. Louis without sampling some of the local sweets they have to offer. For lunch on Sunday we took a stroll to Ted Drewes for some frozen custard. We both went for the Dutchman Delight Concrete, it is the perfect blend of vanilla custard, chocolate sauce, butterscotch sauce, and pecans. It was gone before I knew it and all I had left was the memory and thoughts of what my order might be the next time around. My last stop before reuniting with the Megabus was to Gooey Louie's for a take home Gooey Butter Cake. Not only do they make a super scrumptious cake, but they have the cutest boxes for all occasions. I showed quite a bit of restraint by not tearing into the cake halfway through my trip back, but I definitely had it for breakfast the next morning. It is a very sweet dense cake, that is somewhere in between cheesecake and a coffee cake, perfect for a sweet tooth like myself for breakfast, the rest of you may have to wait until after lunch.

Thanks so much to Molly for being such a great hostess. The weekend was filled with a lot of fun, laughing, and of course some great food!

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