Helpful Hint- eggs

This past weekend, I was racking the bakeologist's brain (my brother Gregory) about why my butterscotch thins were so tasty but just too delicate, thin, and un-cookie like. We deduced that it may be because I have been using egg beaters instead of real eggs in my baking. He informed me that anytime he tried to make anything more delicate and used egg beaters or the already separated cartons of egg whites they never quite turned out. So, I'm going to give those butterscotch thins another try with real eggs and if they turn out I guess I have to man up and just be much more careful on my jaunts home from the grocery store or make separate trips solely for eggs. I know this may sound dramatic to some of you, but for those of you that don't have a car and have to tote groceries home, even if just a few blocks, I'm sure you understand.

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